How to add a new legal entity on Keka?

Modified on Tue, 16 May 2023 at 11:34 AM

Legal entities are distinct organizations that have been registered with the regulatory authorities and have their own functional structures, business units, and brand identity. You can often find different legal entities that work as a part of a single group. On Keka, you can add various legal entities to the same tenant account making it easy for you to manage your HR processes from a single portal. 

To create the entity, you'll need to provide key details such as Legal Name, Company Identification number, Sector, Date of incorporation, and registered office address. Once you've created the entity, you can then assign pay groups to it for seamless employee migration.

On the Keka portal, navigate to the Org section and open Org Structure. Now open the Legal Entities tab and you'll see the +Add Legal Entity option.

The Add Legal Entity window will appear where you have to update the details like the Entity Name, Legal Name of the company, Company Identification Number, Date of Incorporation, Type, Sector, and Nature of Business, and the address of the company.

You can also upload a Logo of the company here.

Click Add once all these details are updated.

Once the legal entity is added, you have to add Authorized Signatories and Bank Details for it. So, go to the Authorized Signatories (1) section of this legal entity and click on +Add Authorized Signatory (2).

The Add Signatory window will open where you have to fill in the details like the Signatory name, Signatory designation, Email Address, Signatory Father's name, and the PAN card number of the signatory.

If the PAN number is not available, just enter “PANNOTAVBL”

Then add the address of the signatory and click on Add Signatory.

Next open the Bank Details section and click on +Add Bank Details

The Add Bank Details window will appear where you have to update the mandatory details, i.e., the Bank name, Account number, IFS code, and Branch

Further, you can also update the Corporate ID, User ID, and Alias ID.

Click on Save once all the details are updated.

To migrate employees to a new legal entity, create a new pay group and associate it with the entity. This will automatically sync the legal entity with the employee profile. Once this is done, the employee payroll can be managed separately on the new entity paygroup, along with its associated business units.

And that's it on creating legal entities in Keka. If this article was helpful, do leave a like below!

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