How to enable and add Dotted Line Managers for employees?

Modified on Mon, 22 Apr 2024 at 04:08 PM

Keka enables you to designate a dotted line manager for each employee. This manager is not your direct supervisor but has some authority over you in a specific area, typically related to a project or task. The dotted line manager can provide guidance, support, and feedback, but they do not have the same level of responsibility as your direct manager. 

By default, the dotted line manager has the same privileges and permissions as the reporting manager. However, you can modify their permissions in the Implicit Roles tab under Roles and Permissions in Global Settings.

How to enable the Dotted Line Manager?

First, you have to enable Dotted Line Manager for any employee, open the Org section of your portal and, go to Employees, and under that, open the Settings tab.

Here, click the edit icon next to 'Enable Dotted Line Manager' and click on the check box. Then just click on Update.

This will enable the dotted line manager section for all the employees.

How to add a Dotted Line Manager for an employee(s)?

A dotted line manager and be assigned to employees in the same way that a reporting manager is assigned, and it can also either be done for a single employee, or in bulk.

To assign a dotted line manager for a single employee, go to the employee's profile and open the Job (1) section. Now, on the right side, you'll find the Organization panel, and under that, you can assign a Dotted Line Manager by clicking the edit icon (2).

A new window will appear where you have to select whether it is a Correction of data or a Dotted Line Manager Change.

Under New Dotted Line Manager you can assign the employee you wish to be the new dotted line manager. Then just select the 'Effective From' date for this change, and add a relevant Note

Once done, Click Update.

You can also update the dotted line manager for employees in bulk by importing job details. To learn how to import job details, click here.

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